Northeast Institute of Gymnastics

Class Description

Mom and Me $60 per month

Mom and Me classes are for children 2 -3 years old. It is a time for the parent or caregiver to enjoy quality time with their child while introducing gymnastics to them. This is all done in a safe, non judgmental environment, promoting gross motor skills and independence in the child.

JollyJumper and KinderKid $60 per month

These classes are for children 3-5 years old. They are independent classes, the child participates without a parent. Jolly Jumper and Kinderkid classes are designed to build confidence and core strength while introducing circuit work and basic gymnastics skills to prepare them for the general classes.

General Gymnastics Classes $66 per month

Theses classes are for girls 5 years old and older. Children will be taught basic gymnastics skills on Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and the Floor Exercise as well as Trampoline/Tumble Track. While these classes can prepare the gymnasts for the team program gymnast do not have to progress to the competitive team program.

Tumbling Classes $66 per month

These classes are for gymnast who want to specialize on basic tumbling skills only. The class will use the floor exercise mat and the Trampoline/Tumble Track., great for cheerleaders and competitive dancers. Gymnasts will not be instructed on the Uneven Bars, Balance Beam or Vault.
All gymnasts have a once a year registration fee of $40

Class Schedule