Northeast Institute of Gymnastics

Team Gym Bag



As part of the Team Uniform, each gymnast must have a NORTHEAST GYMNASTICS TEAM BAG for meets and a separate gym bag for practice. Below is a list of items that should be in the bag. The items can be transferred between bags for meets and practice or the gymnast can have two (2) separately equipped bags. The NORTHEAST GYMNASTICS TEAM BAG is available for purchase from the pro-shop. We have them in stock.

Gym Bags Should Include: Some of these items are not necessary for meets.
Sewing Kit
Hair Supplies(matching the team leotard for meets)
Nail Clippers & Cuticle scissors
Extra grips(if applicable)
Athletic Tape
Ace Bandage
Minor First Aid Supplies
Extra Leotard
Warm Clothes
Extra music (for optional gymnasts)
Plastic Zip Loc Large Size Bags
Jump Rope
Hand Sanitizer
Any other personal items the gymnast may require