Northeast Institute of Gymnastics

Competitive Team Handbook


Dear Parents and Gymnasts:

We are very pleased to have your daughter and family members as part of our Northeast Institute of Gymnastics Competitive Team. Our USAIGC Gymnastics teams consist of those girls that we feel have demonstrated the ability and desire to compete in one of the designated levels of the USAIGC Competitive Program. Our team philosophy is to make a positive contribution to the growth and development of your child through a disciplined and caring environment. It also includes the direction of young athletes physically and mentally so they will become upright, self-confident adults as well as fine athletes. Team members work as a unit for the betterment of every individual involved. The amount of success a gymnast will receive is equal to how hard the gymnast works in practice and the sacrifices both the gymnast and the parent must make.
Gymnastics is a sport that requires a student's full attention and concentration. Therefore, to insure the safety of our team members, only registered athletes are allowed in the gym and we ask that all parents refrain from taking flash photography of their children from the parent's waiting room. Also, there is NO SMOKING in the waiting room or hallways of the building. Listed below is the team practice schedule for the 2015-16 season. Please note the proper days and times. Please also note that your gymnast is reserving a specific time slot and practices are geared for those time slots. Because of this, there will be absolutely NO MAKE-UPS for missed practices. In case of inclement weather, please call the gym, check the web page, or check our Facebook page to see if practice will be held. In addition, if a gymnast is sick or cannot make practice, please call the gym to let us know.
Pre-Team..... Wed, Fri, 4:15pm to 6:00pm.
Team..... .......Mon, Wed, Fri, 6:00pm to 8:30pm.
Summer.........Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri. 8:30am to 1:00pm.
We understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances but gymnasts are expected to be on time for practice and to stay until the end.
All team members should come dressed for practice in proper attire. Please be on time and ready to begin. Girls are required to wear leotards at all times. NO tee-shirts or shorts are allowed because of the safety of the gymnast and the coach. Tights are not allowed and warm-ups can be worn during warm-ups. No gum or jewelry..... Long hair MUST be tied back.
The following will give you a detailed explanation of your financial obligation to Northeast Gymnastics Teams,
All competing gymnasts must be registered with USAIGC Gymnastics. The USAIGC Gymnastics organization governs all competitions within this country. This is an annual fee of $40.00 made payable to Northeast. We have to register all team members together and pay with one check from the gym. Please complete the attached form and return it with the other forms. This membership provides each child with a supplemental medical policy covering injuries incurred during USAIGC Gymnastics sanctioned meets. Northeast also carries a similar insurance policy for coverage during team workouts. The fee for this is included in the annual Northeast registration fee of $40.00. The following are the costs for all team competitors. TUITION: payable to Northeast on a monthly basis with one check for the exact amount as shown below. The payment is due on the first (1st) of each month. AFTER the tenth (10th) of the month, a $15.00 late fee is to be applied to the fee for the month. Payment is expected from September through June if your child wishes to remain on the team. In addition, ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST ATTEND NORTHEAST TEAM SUMMER SESSION PRACTICE during July and August. Failure to attend will result in automatic dismissal from the team. In addition, excessive absences from practice or failure to achieve skill development during the competitive season will lead to the gymnast not being entered into meets or scratched from the meet after entered. The safety of the gymnast is our main concern.
Pre-Team.... $185.00/month
Team......... $255.00/month
* * Within any athletic organization, expenses are incurred. Since the coaches give up their time freely and do not get paid for meets, any gymnast who qualifies for Regional or National Competition will, if needed, pay for the expenses of the coach or coaches to attend that meet. There are no refunds of any kind and a number of unofficial misses will result in termination from the team.
LEOTARDS: All team members must have the appropriate competitive attire to compete. All girls must have a competition leotard at an average cost of $100.00.
WARM-UPS: Each team member will be expected to be in complete uniform when competing for Northeast. The cost for team warm-ups will be around $100.00.
MUSIC: For those girls competing optionals, floor exercise music is necessary. If music is to be ordered, the cost will be around $70.00 and up and will be paid by the gymnast.
FLOOR ROUTINES: When optional floor routines are to be made up, a gymnastics choreographer will make up the routines and a fee may be charged for doing so. This fee is around $125.00 and up and is paid by the gymnast.
MEETS: Costs for meets range in price, all meet fees will include an additional fee to cover coaches expenses. The amount of this fee will depend upon the expected expenses to be incurred at the meet. The TEAM members, who are gymnastically ready, are expected to compete in ALL MEETS that Northeast decides to compete in. Usually, we try to give at least one month notice or more for the meet so you can plan your calendar. A tentative yearly schedule is also posted. All meet fees are due to us by the due date listed on the web page. NO EXCEPTIONS !!!! In most cases, we enter the team in these meets well in advance and reserve a spot in the meet and we have to cover the entry fees until we are reimbursed by you. Because of this, there will be NO REFUNDS of any kind unless the meet director agrees to such. You will be responsible for the entry fee even if you don't attend. Gymnast MUST attend practice at least twice the week before a meet. Failure to do so will result in them being scratched from the meet.
NATIONALS: A minimum of 5 gymnasts will need to attend Nationals for the team to participate. Coach or coaches fees to attend the meet will be paid by competing gymnasts.

PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY: The below information is to give you some sort of idea of what you need to do for your gymnast's first meet and every meet after. Please read it and if you have any questions please ask us. We will be more than happy to answer them for you.

1. When you receive e-mail about a meet, note where the meet is going to be held and the times. You need to determine if you will need to make hotel reservations if necessary. Make the call or go on the web and reserve rooms with a credit card. Make sure you get a reservation number. You can use that number to cancel out the reservation up to 6pm on the date of your reservation. There are hotel reservation numbers listed below. Some meets will have a host hotel listed on your information page along with a special rate. Always call as soon as you get information for best selection of rooms.
2. Please note the meet fees and make sure you get them in by the required date. These fees are paid ahead of time by us when we register the team gymnasts for the meet. Please remember that the entry forms for these meets are sent in approx.. 3-4 weeks or more before the actual meet. You are responsible for these entry fees. There are no refunds for any meets. If you know of any of the listed meets given to you that you can not attend, make sure you tell us immediately so we will not enter you. Keep in mind that the schedule you will receive is tentative and subject to change with additional meet information we receive. We will let you know of any changes when we receive them. Please make your check out to Northeast and put the name of the meet in the memo space on your check.
3.Make sure you arrive to the meet site at least 15 minutes before the required time. Your gymnast should be in complete uniform (leotard, warm-up, hair and everything else taken care of). She should be ready to compete. In addition, she should have her gym bag with all the items in it that were required on the hand out sheet you received earlier from us. At this time, you should keep their sneakers or boots and jackets. This is your last contact with your child until after the meet. They are not allowed to leave the competition area unless they need to use the rest room.
4. You should try to pick a spectator seat that provides you the best spot to view all 4 events without moving. If you want to record or take pictures, this is important. Also,two very important rules you must remember are..... a. you can not come out into the competitive area at all to film or talk to your child. b. no flash pictures are allowed... Use a faster sports setting on the camera and turn off the flash ******Parents must stay in spectator areas.
5. Make sure your child has something to eat before the meet and also some snacks and water to drink in their gym bag during the meet.
6. If you bring other children from your family, make sure you have activities for them to do. Depending on the number of entries in the meet, they can take some time to complete. Also, please note when the meet starts, some will be warmup one event then compete, others will be warmup all 4 events then compete. With this style, you will have a good couple of hours before the meet begins to do other things while your gymnast is warming up all four events.
7. Meets are never canceled. Be prepared for the weather. I have not known of any meet ever canceled because of the weather. I put the name of the meet site and the telephone number in case of an emergency. Please call and let the Meet host know so we know..
8. All meets sell food and snacks. In addition, they sell gymnastics "stuff" ( shirts, pins, etc.) Make sure you carry small bills and change to buy items.
9. ALWAYS LOOK THE WEB PAGE for team information and update.
Thank you for taking the time to read this page and we hope that you have gained a greater understanding of what we are all about as well as what gymnastics is all about.
Qualification Scores:

USAIGC athletes can qualify from any USAIGC sanctioned local/Invitational competition and the USAIGC Team Cup & Individual Event Invitational into their USAIGC State or Regional Championship from anywhere in the USA, Bermuda, Canada & South Africa providing the qualification score is made once and the gymnast has competed in three competitions prior to the State/Regional Championship.

All-Around Qualification Scores:

Copper Level 28.50AA ....from local to State/Regional Championship 31.00AA ....from State or Regionals to World Championships

Bronze Level 32.00AA ....from local to State/Regional Championships 34.50AA ....from State or Regionals to World Championships*this is a change*

Silver Level 31.50AA ....from local to State/Regional Championships 33.00AA ....from State or Regionals to World Championships

Gold Level 31.00AA ....from local to State/Regional Championships 33.00AA ....from State or Regionals to World Championships

Platinum Level 31.00AA ....from local to State/Regional Championships 33.00AA ....from State or Regionals to World Championships

Premier Level 32.00AA ....from local to State/Regional Championships 34.00AA ....from State or Regionals to World Championships

All-Around Gymnasts not qualifying to their All Around State Championship may enter the State/Regional Championships as an Individual Event Specialist on a maximum of two events if they have scored the individual event qualification score once.

Individual Event Specialists Qualification Scores:

All Levels 7.5 per event .... from local to State/Regional Championship 8.5 per event .... from state/Regional to World Championship

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